Since 2015, DHF has raised over $11 million and has funded 40 cutting-edge research studies that are changing the future of digestive health.

Daily North Shore: Celebrating the Power of Family at the Digestive Health Foundation Gala

The Digestive Health Foundation hosted its gala, Celebrating the Power of Family, at the Four Seasons Hotel in Chicago. The event was wildly successful, raising more than $2.47 million for medical research at the Northwestern Medicine Digestive Health Center to improve the quality of life for digestive disease patients and their families. More than 600 supporters attended the June 8 event emceed by actress Bonnie Hunt. Guests enjoyed an evening full of cocktails, dinner, dancing, a live auction, and special entertainment. Since its inception in 2015, DHF has raised $11 million.

U.S. News: Best Over-the Counter Products for Digestive Problems featuring DHC physician Dr. John E. Pandolfino

Constipation is common and can be caused by a lack of liquid in the GI tract or a diet insufficient in fiber, says Dr. John Pandolfino, chief of gastroenterology at Northwestern Medicine in Chicago. “For constipation, MiraLAX is our first-line treatment,” he says. “It’s very effective, it’s safe and just a very gentle kind of laxative.” Pandolfino cautions that if you’re also experiencing bloody stools, rectal bleeding or unexplained dramatic changes in bowel habits, you should contact your health care provider. Often, though, bouts of constipation can be managed with OTC products, he says.

WTTW: Chicago Tonight – Marijuana is a Psychoactive Drug. But is it Really a Medicine featuring DHC physician Dr. Stephen B. Hanauer

Marijuana laws are changing rapidly, but as of now, adults can use it recreationally in just 10 states. That number more than triples when it comes to medical marijuana, which is legal in 33 states. So which is it: A pleasure drug or a pharmaceutical one? And what difference does that make when it comes to regulating cannabis? Dr. Stephen Hanauer, the medical director of Northwestern Medicine’s digestive health center is about a year into a study, funded by the Digestive Health Foundation, that’s comparing Crohn’s disease patients’ personal evaluations of how they’re feeling with blood and stool samples that can detect intestinal inflammation. The study won’t be compete for another six months, but Hanauer has a hypothesis.“My suspicion, is that it makes the patient feel better, but it doesn’t really change the disease activity,” Hanauer said.

Chicago Sun Times: Fatty liver disease hitting Latino children like a ‘silent tsunami’ featuring DHC physician Dr. Lisa Vanwagner

Recent research shows about 1 in 4 people in the U.S. have fatty liver disease. But among Latinos, especially of Mexican and Central American descent, the rate is significantly higher. Dr. Lisa VanWagner, a hepatologist in Northwestern Medicine’s Digestive Health Center and co-director of the Northwestern Fatty Liver program, said the hospital has seen children who require liver transplants as a result of the disease. And though a promising drug to treat fatty liver disease could be available to adults in the next year, no such research is being done for children, VanWagner said. Instead, the children’s plight should be treated as a public health crisis, she said.

Our investments in groundbreaking medical research are already changing lives. From software that empowers adolescents in their transition to adult care to an innovative esophageal endoscopy technique, our exciting research is making a difference for patients and families living with digestive disease. Read more HERE.

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Dr. Hanauer is Immediate Past President of the American College of Gastroenterology and founding co-director of the Digestive Health Center. Stephen B. Hanauer, MD

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Dr. John Pandolfino is a Professor of Medicine, as well as Chief of the Division of Gastroenterology and Hepatology at Northwestern Medicine. John E. Pandolfino, MD

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Dr. Strong is founding co-director of the Digestive Health Center. His practice focuses on colon and rectal cancer, Inflammatory Bowel Disease, and minimally invasive surgery. Scott A. Strong, MD

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