Board of Directors

Board Members in attendance at the 2019 Digestive Health Foundation Gala

Board Officers


David Rosenbloom, President

Diane Saltoun, Vice President

Richard Moras, Treasurer

Sharon Oberlander, Secretary

Lee Gould, Past President

Michael Baum

Bruce Braun

Barbara J. Cogswell

Becky Elrad

Michael Elrad

Harry Feirstein

Sally Garon

Lee Gould

Peter Guglietta

Jayne Hanauer

Kenneth Jones

Sally Montgomery Jones

Marsha Levin

Ali Merchant

Julia Merpi

Leslie Monieson

Sharon Oberlander

Stewart Orzoff

Benjamin Randall

Timothy Rooney

David Rosenbloom

Michael Ruchim, M.D.

Diane Saltoun

David Schreibman

David Stein

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