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Blood Pressure Measurement Methods in Liver Transplant Patients

2021  | Disease: Liver/HepatologyLiver Transplantation

Principal Researcher:

Principal Investigator: Lisa B. VanWagner, MD

Liver transplantation extends the lives of many patients with liver failure. Yet, one in three recipients will experience a heart disease event after liver transplant surgery due to the effects of immunosuppression causing a high prevalence of cardiovascular risk factors, such as high blood pressure (BP). Decreasing hypertension in these patients could help improve their outcomes. While there are different methods for detecting high BP, some are better than others. Home monitors and portable/wearable 24-hour monitoring devices often best reveal how blood pressure readings relate to daily activities and sleep and provide keener insights into patients’ true blood pressure levels than measurements taken in the clinic. Dr. VanWagner’s study will involve measuring blood pressure over time in 50 Northwestern liver transplant recipients. Her team will use the office, home, and 24-hour blood pressure measurement approaches to enable interventions to lower blood pressure and prevent dangerous heart disease events after transplant surgery.

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